Blog #1 – The Introduction

Posted on May 8, 2007


Hello, My name is Jessica. How’s that for an introduction?
Okay guess you want a little bit more then just my name. I’m from a small town in Central Pennsylvania where we have loads of farm land, little mom and pop stores, and amish mixed in every once in awhile. I’m a mother of 3 (Erika-8, Lyllith-5, Dustin Jr.-3) and love my children very much. They are my life and what keeps me going each and every day. They give me the motivation to do things the best I can just so they are happy and healthy. Currently, I have some things I have to get done with to accomplish making them happy and also make myself happy at the same time. Living my life right now in a slump isn’t helping them out at all but I do have some great support from friends and family. I use to be the girl that would try to deal with all her problems by herself with out asking for help but recently I’ve discovered that when you ask for help people don’t find you to be a loser or anything like that, they actually appreciate you more and respect you because you have the nerve to ask for help with a difficult problem. So thats what I have done. I talk to friends and get their input and they have helped me through a lot.
Family is also a big part of my life. I love them to death and there is nothing that could ever come between me and them. A few years ago someone tried to keep me from them but I have learned that I have to stand up for myself if I want to have a happy life, which I did and life is much better now.
When I am not with my children, i’m working. I work for 84 Lumber Co. (yes, the company that just had the owner, Joe Hardy, who is 84 yrs old marry a 22 yr old girl). I am the Accounts Receivable clerk at my location and deal with a lot of the invoicing for CopperBeech Townhomes. I am the only female in that store and when I first started I thought to myself “wow this will be great, no girls which means no gossip and shit like that” LITTLE DID I KNOW, that men are just as bad if not worse at talking about others and gossip… then you have the minds of men at work. I hear lots of stories and they crack me up. Most of them are R rated if not X rated, but I don’t mind at all. Its not like I’m going to file for sexual harrassment. And they have rubbed off on me, i’m becoming such a potty mouth at work, then have to cool it when I go to get the kids from daycare. But its all good, they make me laugh and make my day enjoyable. When I’m not at work and I am not with the kids then I am out with friends (which is a rare thing). I go out to the bars at times with Jamie, Theresa, Dave, Crystal, Chet, Cindy, and whoever else joins us. I always post pictures from the nights we go out because I’m a picture freak and love to preserve memories. I post them on Myspace and if you ask nicely I will share that info with you.
I’m not sure how much I’ll post on here. This is kind of my Blog away from home for things that I don’t necessarily want to post on my myspace blog or my Xanga blog because its a little more personal and not something I want everyone from town to know about.
YES we have a bad problem with people that like to talk about others. I’ve been a victim of it recently and I have no idea why. This isn’t even my hometown and I don’t know a million people from here but hell if I can have one secret kept about me! OH WELL, its okay because I’m about to start some rumors about myself soon just to see what happens! This should prove to be very interesting!
Well, till next time! Have a great day!

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