Cell Phones – invention of the devil!

Posted on May 13, 2007


Cell phones are great when you need to talk to someone while on the run but when it becomes a permanent attachment to your face you know you have real problems. I can’t go (with the exception of when I am at work) one hour without being interupted by someone. Yes i’m talking about one person and only one person. There are others that call me and if i can’t talk to them I just ignore the phone but when he calls me I have to answer because if i don’t then i get a voicemail saying “why didn’t you answer your phone” ” what are you doing” “is everything okay” and stuff like that then he will just call right back after leaving the message. Its annoying. Well I told him I was taking the kids to the playground here in a little and he said he might call me while i was there. I was just going to leave the phone in the car to charge but he was like “that just sounds fishy to me”. OMFG!!! are you fuckin serious? what the hell could be fishy about leaving my phone in the car while I am with the kids? I just don’t want to take it with me just so I can have it in my back pocket while running around with the kids! I really want to choke him right now! Okay well thats all I have to say for now! I have to get ready to take the kids to the playground!
Talk at ya later!

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