WoW, kids are runnin everywhere!!!!!

Posted on May 19, 2007


“Hey Jess are you busy Friday night?” (((of course I am, I like my free time)))
“Nothing why? what did you need?”
“Well, you know that bingo benefit is going on friday right? well do you think you could watch the boys?”
“Sure Gracie, I can do that!” (((what the hell are you saying Jess are you crazy?)))

++a few hours later++

“Hey do you mind if a few more kids come over and play while we are at the benefit?”
“No that will be fine!” (((oh my god you are asking for a death wish ain’t ya girl)))

Okay so that was the scenerio on Thursday and today it is Friday and I have 7 kids here with me (yes it counts my kids too). So far we are good to go! Its after 9 so hopefully they will all drop like flies soon!

Just wanted to keep you all updated on what I was doing this evening.

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