catch up (updates from the week)

Posted on May 20, 2007


Friday night wasn’t too bad. The kids didn’t fall asleep as I wanted then to. Actually none of them were asleep when the parents got back at around midnight. They were not as wild as they were about 1 hr before that but still awake. I got to see Kathy’s new little baby girl Hannah who is only like 1 1/2 weeks old. That was awesome.

So today is Sunday and I have nothing to do but take the kids to the Mifflin/Juniata Arts Festival today. Hopefully there will be no rain because if there is then they are shit out of luck.

I talked to Jamie this morning about lots of stuff and I love that girl to death. She knows that no matter what is wrong that I will always be here for her and that if she needs to talk that I am only a phone call away OR even a txt message away. LOL!

I read my sister-in-laws blog today to find out that she is going to be a grandmother. That was a shock to me, because I thought she was talking about her oldest son but she was talking about her 19 yr old. WOW, wonder how Chuck took that? I’ll have to call him later and see how he is doing.

Yesterday I was at the annual Carpin’ 4 kids tournament and took 2 of my 3 kids. They didn’t catch anything but they had fun. I managed to stay out of most of the pictures that would be in the newspaper but I was in 1 that was taken of representatives of the sponsers of the tournament. Oh well, last year I was in every pictures which sucked major ass! I’ll have to keep checkin the newspaper this week for pictures of the tournament. The largest fish caught was 18lbs… the girl that caught it was only like 6 or something which isn’t as impressive as last year when a 3 yr old caught a fish that was about 27lbs. NOW THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE. The smallest fish caught was only 10oz and she got a prize too, which was pretty cool. She got a $20 gift certificate to Walmart.

Well thats about it kiddo’s. I have to get kids washed up and dressed.

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