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Posted on July 10, 2008


The internet is a rather fascinating place where someone can be pretty much anything they want to be. They can be a supermodel if they want and nobody would be any the wiser. So with that I thought about what I portray when I’m online. Well, I don’t portray a supermodel that’s for sure, and I don’t portray being a super tech geek. So what do I portray?

Its like I have no purpose or meaning online with out an “identity!” so I’m going to tell you a little about myself and then you can tell me what you feel I portray when you see/hear what I talk about or do while online.

Okay so we know the basics… 3 kids, some might know about my shitty relationship with a guy that put me in a domestic violence shelter, I’m 30, and I’m completely addicted to texting and social networking sites! Okay we all have that straight right?? okay here are the things you may not know (and this was brought to my attention the other day). I said earlier I’m not a tech geek, now that’s not to say I know nothing about computers and couldn’t even tell you how to turn one on but I don’t set up web pages, I don’t know codes and stuff and I couldn’t tell you the first thing about networks and stuff like that. In my family I was the one that was able to do all the electronic stuff like set the VCR and mess with computers going online and stuff like that. I have replaced components in computers before by myself all self taught and I’m a quick learner and love learning new things. I would actually LOVE to go back to school for IT as a matter of fact. Currently I only hold an associates degree in Specialized Business with a major in Accounting, so I’m good with numbers.

Someone asked me the other day what it was that I do, well if you get my brightkite updates you know that I work at Hillandale Farms (NO its not a farm). We sell Eggs (already in cartons, not just out from under the chicken) Cheese, butter, meats, etc. My job here is called “Office Manager” basically a spiced up term for Administrative Assistant! My days consist of calling customers and getting their orders then making invoices and getting them ready for the drivers for the next days delivery. I also do the deposits and I make new price sheets every week for customers. I place orders, take calls, all do everything else to keep the office running smoothly. There are only 5 employees here so its small, and I am the only female here with my own office (actually its the whole upstairs of the building). I have 2 computer… the first is a really ancient thing only used to do invoices, then i have my windows based computer with Vista on it for me to basically do as i please on it! I can’t complain about the job its pretty much perfect for me. I can show up anytime between 7:30 and 8:30 and I can leave when I have all my work done. That can be as early as 2 pm sometimes but I like to pace myself and try to give myself as many hours as I can without going over board. Its also perfect because of my kids.

So outside of work, I don’t do much! I hang at home and like to go to yard sales. I don’t like shopping and I’m not your average female. Basically my boyfriend tries to beg me to be more girly and I’m trying as best as I can. For instance right now I look like I should be going for a jog. I’m in some Nike shorts and a white t-shirt and sneakers! Very comfy!

OH, one other thing, I’m not a writer so don’t expect these to be perfect posts with proper punctuation and spelling and all that jazz! I leave all the writing to my sister in law that I will tell you all about later in another post!

I like to blog, but haven’t used this one for awhile. I usually use my myspace blog or my xanga blog (here are the links and Now granted I don’t post on them religiously so don’t expect a blog post every day! I just like to update friends about things that are going on and my life is pretty boring compared to others! Well, I’m going to leave you with that for now since I’ve talked and talked and talked here about random JUNK! I’ll post more later about other stuff!

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