tired tired tired!!!

Posted on July 22, 2008


About a month ago my boyfriends ex wife (if she is reading this… HI, HOLLY how is danielle’s trip so far?) talked him into taking a dog (pitbull) that her friend was not able to keep anymore. We already have one dog in the house and he is already jealous of me moving into the house and its been over a year now that we have been together! So he was nice and said okay and so now the dog is with us. Granted she is cute and lovable and well i’m not really a dog person but still shes okay… The first weeks were horrible, she sleeps on the bed and wakes me up every half hour (now its only every hour and a half that she wakes me up) and she was making messes on the floor. She is getting better with that but lately she’s been sick and throwing up. Last night she threw up on the bedroom floor while we were going to bed. UGHHHHH!!!! We were up forever last night dealing with a sick dog. I’m so tired right now and I want to sleep! She was so restless and kept moving all over the bed that I woke up ever few minutes. OH and then you may have noticed that I said HE and SHE in this post. Yes we have one male Britney Spanial and one female Pit Bull. The male has been all over the female the past two days! Okay i’m done with this matter, i’ll write more later!

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