It’s ODD time!

Posted on July 25, 2008


No, the title isn’t there to tell you how odd I am or anything like that is rather to tell you about my son and his disorder (I really hate that word)!

A little bit of background info first: my son is 4 yrs old and will be going to kindergarten this fall. He will be one of the youngest in the class because he turns 5 a few days before school starts. His father and I were together for years. Not married but living together in un-perfect harmony. One day he up and decided that he wanted nothing more then to move to Florida and leave this small town life behind us. Well that was a rather BIG move for me considering the largest town I’ve lived in was in a town just outside of Harrisburg, PA. I’m use to country life and living close to my family. Well, he decided he would move down and find a job and a house for us to move into when my oldest daughter was done with school in the summer. It got really close to the move and I was just getting more and more apprehensive about the whole thing. I finally told him I wasn’t going and that opened up a lot of yelling and screaming and fighting. To make a long story short he told me that if I wasn’t going to move down there that he was taking our son and I was going to keep the girls (one of which is his daughter the other to my previous marriage). Well it was rough on me but I did it, I let my son go and I was heartbroken for weeks. I kept telling myself to just wait it out and one day my son would be back with me. He left on Aug. 4th 2007, and as you can tell almost one year later he is back home. BUT… He’s been home for awhile now. On Dec 1st, 2007 my son flew back to Pennsylvania with is father whom flew back a little less than 12 hrs later. HE WAS HOME.. I had my boy home and it was a little strange after him being away for those few months.

I didn’t think that anything was wrong for awhile. He acted like a normal 4 yr old boy. Little by little the temper started to get worse until one day the daycare tells me that he is acting out in some strange ways. hitting, scratching, etc. Then he broke windows in the house. OH NO! That prompted me to try and find help. I talked to the doctor first and he gave me a number to the Behavioral Health in the hospital. They wouldn’t help because of his age, so they gave me other numbers to try each was the same “No with his age we won’t do anything till after he is 5 yrs old and in school” well what was I to do? Finally I got someone that would work with him. We made an appointment and went to see the psychiatrist. For 1hour she spoke with just me, then for about 45 minutes she attempted to talk to him and then the last hour was all of us together with about 4 other adults. They finally diagnosed him with ODD! I had NO idea what ODD was and had to actually go to Google and find stuff out. OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE DISORDER! I never even knew about it.. yeah I’ve heard of OCD, ADD, ADHD and all those other initialed disorders but not ODD! Then found out that without treatment it can turn into CD which is Conduct Disorder which is really bad and I don’t want that to happen.

After our meeting they decided to start him with a TSS. She goes to his daycare and works with him for about 15hrs a week and 2.5 hrs at our house. I don’t see anything changing yet but hopefully something will click with him soon before school stars because I’m scared that if he starts kindergarten they will be calling me every day telling me to take him home because of some sort of thing he’s done and they just can’t handle him! Does anyone else have a child with this disorder? if you do please contact me and let me know what you are doing to help or what you find to help. Someone mentioned the foods he eats could be doing it. They said their son would go crazy after having anything with Red dye in it or something like that! I’ll try anything to help him since its really putting a strain on my relationship right now.