Twitter, ohhh how i love thee let me count the tweets!

Posted on July 25, 2008


Twitter has become a daily routine for me in a lot of aspects.

At work
At home
On my cell
On the computer
In the car
On a walk
While on Vacation…. and the list goes on
It started off as a simple following of people that I met through another website ( that I’ve been part of for awhile now. Most of these people are from the UK as you can probably tell and I love them to death! They have been a part of my life since 2005 when I first logged onto Dogbomb. I don’t go there as often now but when I do show up I’m usually greeted by some really great people that ask “WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?” so its pretty great…. but back to the twitter story…
So Dogbomb has this thread on his page about Twitter and I say, oh no i can’t do that… I’m sure its not something anyone I know is into so why even try it out… I’ll be bored to death! But I did it anyway.
An update here and there, and that was about it. I was even able to keep it on at night without fear of having a million messages waiting for me in the morning. Each week I would maybe gain one or two new followers and I would follow them back but not much to add up to anything.
Then one day, I just stared to post some off the wall shit, and I don’t know where the hell it all came from but it opened up the flood gates and suddenly people were following me and well frankly I liked it. So I followed others and soon it came to the point where my UK followers were being overrun by the new folks in my timeline. I even was told that they would have to take me off their following list because I was talking WAY TOO MUCH! I do love those guys and if they must take me off then I completely understand! They did have to take me off mobile updates because over there I guess there is a limit to the amount of texts you use on twitter.
So now I’m following 180 people and I’m not even sure how many people are following me but it use to be a lot till I deleted a few and weeded out the crap. I even took out all those wannabe “Internet stars” like ijustine, and people like that because they are starting to be lame and frankly I would rather talk to people that will talk back to me and their messages actually have some substance to it!
Now when I go to bed, I have to turn mobile updates off or I’ll end up with 700+ messages when I wake up like I had this morning! So as you can tell I’m somewhat addicted to this website and I’m sure some of you that read this won’t understand the reasoning behind it but I know those that are on twitter will definitely know the addiction, and completely agree when I say.. I LOVE TWITTER (but only when its not being a twat and stealing my followers/following)
Well tweople, I love you all and hope you enjoyed my little story!
Till next time!
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