Grandpa’s in the basement…?

Posted on July 28, 2008


My story takes place in the Chinese restaurant in my town. David and I rode the bike over and walked inside. When we walked in 2 children were all I saw. The one was sitting on the table top with a Nintendo DS and a large magazine which looked like it was some gamer magazine. The second child which was older than the first was behind the counter. I expected the woman I usually see to come take our order but I was surprised when the young boy asked how he could help us. I shrugged and placed our order. Sesame Chicken for him and Pork Lo Mein for me. After paying we took a set near the window. We sat there in silence for a few minutes then suddenly strange noises started coming from back in the kitchen. It sounded at first like someone may have burnt them self, then it continued and got louder. It sounded like someone was being slaughtered back there. It was SOO loud! (oh keep in mind we are the only customers in there at the time) I was kind of scared and looked at David and said “maybe they are killing our food first?” So the noises stopped and the older woman brought us our food! YUMMY!!!

That was the first strange thing that happened to use while in there. You would think nothing could out do that but this second part is gonna really kill ya!

So we sit there eating our food and the two young boys are still walking around talking and stuff. The older boy talked in Chinese to the adults in the back but was still able to speak English pretty well. The younger boy, I only heard him speak English but it wasn’t very good but understandable. The younger boy then starts to harass his brother pulling on his arm and taunting him then says very plainly, “Lets go to basement!” The older boy said “NO” and the younger boy kept saying “PLEASE, lets go to basement. I want touch grandpa!”

HUH? did he just say he wanted to go to the basement and touch grandpa? I kept an ear on the two boys to see if that is exactly what he said and then the younger boy says it again. “lets go to basement, i want touch grandpa” I looked at David and said “do you think they keep grandpa chained in the basement and torture him?” It was the oddest thing I had ever encountered in a long time! We quickly ate our food and left. Hopped onto the bike and went for a nice ride in the sun before returning home!

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