QUICK here comes the 5-0!

Posted on July 29, 2008


Yesterday I had to drop off Davids truck at the garage so the fuel line could get fixed. It’s slowly leaking fuel which isn’t a great help when fuel is already too much for anyone to pay for and waste. David followed behind me on the bike so he could bring me back home. (I kind of talked him into doing that so I could get another ride on the bike! see how evil I am?) We get to the bottom of the hill then make the right past the bank towards the bridge. Coming the opposite direction is the cops. After they passed us they pulled off the road to a group of young boys that were, as far as I know, just talking and walking along the sidewalk with their bikes! Nothing out of the ordinary. So I continue to the light and make the left and get to the garage. I lock the doors and drop the key in the drop box and hop on the bike. We head back the same way we came and soon come across the bridge and to where the cop had pulled over. At this time the cop was gone and the the group of boys was minus one. Okay so he went home! Then around the corner by the bank comes the same cop with his trunk open. David and I both looked back to see what was in the trunk. Here it was a bike the third boy was riding! LOL

Maybe the boy didn’t make his payments and they repossessed it! LOL
Or it was stolen and the little boy was in the back of the cop car!

Nothing out of the ordinary in my small little town!

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