Posted on July 30, 2008


I really have run out of things to write, so I’m gonna write about my writers block. My kids, among other things, keep me very active and I usually have plenty of stories to tell when it comes to them. But today I have NOTHING! I’m literally sitting her struggling for something to say since I made the promise to myself to try and blog on a semi-daily basis. Not because I think I’ll become this overnight blog star but because I think its good for me to write.

I have someone on twitter named harrylyme that seems to think that my writing will go down in history and I’ll be famous after I’m dead because of what he calls my E-Biography that I’m keeping by posting every picture and story about my life digitally! Well that would be pretty cool but hopefully it happens while I’m alive and maybe in the next 24 hours! (wishful thinking)

If you want to find me on any of those Social Networking sites all you have to do is search for Femaleprodigy or Female Prodigy or Femaleprodigy1978 or even Femaleprodigy23. That’s my main name on everything! Look me up. I post most my pics on under the name … yes you guessed it.. femaleprodigy. and i document my life pretty much on

Now I must go and strangle someone! talk to you all later!

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