SOLD, to the highest bidder!

Posted on August 4, 2008


That’s what we may hear soon if the EW don’t get her lazy ass moving and fix the problem she has now caused.

Last week a notice came in the mail that said something about mortgage foreclosure. It was not sent certified and it had stamped on it “COPY” but David called the EW and she laid on this really nice story to keep him happy. Something about having the past dew payments for the mortgage (which his name is still on, yes i know its stupid but true non-the less!) pushed to the end of the loan agreement and all would be happy happy joy joy after that. Okay so it worked and he was happy with that explanation that he hung up and went about his business.

Next day, the EW calls and says “Hey, the sheriff is looking for you!” wow, the sheriff is looking for David? The only reason they usually look for someone is if they have papers to serve you. He wasn’t able to catch up with the Sheriff that day but did the following morning and was served with “Foreclosure” papers that stated that a sheriff sale was going to be pending soon. David was so down and out that he gave up any fight he had in him and decided to just let her handle it because she has done such an OUTSTANDING job so far! I did eventually talk him into trying to get hold of people to see what he can do or what needs to be done instead of waiting for the EW to actually try and do things. All you ever get out of her is “I’m handling it, i made a few calls… I’ll call you when I’ve got it figured out!” what BULLSHIT! So anyway he did finally call some people and now has an appointment with a lawyer on Friday to try and do everything to get his name off of this or to get her name off of it and kick her ass out! (I’d do the latter of the options in my opinion but who am I to say what he should or should not do!)

The really sad part about this is that the 15 yr old daughter that has not a clue whats going on with the foreclosure. I mean mommy dearest is the one that spent every last dime on crap and can’t even afford to put food in the fridge. Hell she goes out till 4:30 in the morning and the daughter wonders where the hell she is. (Yes I hear this all from the daughter when she comes around, she tells me all sorts of pretty nice stories. Probably because I at least keep her fed and whatever else she NEEDS, I try to get for her along with her dad!)

Okay I’m done ranting!

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