Posted on August 5, 2008



That’s a typical saying in my house.

I have 3 children. Erika is 9 and will be starting 4 th grade in the fall. She is a good kid and likes of course watching TV and playing her Nintendo DS. What 9 yr old isn’t? Okay I’m sure I can find a few but either way! She is your typical 9yr old that still gets into trouble and likes to complain when its time to do the dishes or when its time to go to bed. Nothing out of the ordinary there. My second child is Lyllith, we call her lily for short. She is 6 yrs old. She is the princess of the house and likes to play with her dolls and ride her bike now that she learned how to do it without the training wheels! She will be going into 1st grade in the fall. She has a very short attention span and kind of shows some of the same characteristics as her younger brother whom I’ll tell you about next. She does nothing I can’t handle but sometimes she is a handful on her own. She talks A LOT!!!!!!! Last is my 4 yr old son name Dustin Jr. or DJ for sort! (after his father whom I’m no longer with). DJ use to be the sweetest loving child you could ever ask for. He use to be known as my SNUGGLE BUG and we always snuggled on the chair together. Well he starts kindergarten in the fall. Things haven’t been too well with him. about 1 1/2 months ago I decided I had to take him to a therapist after he threw a toy and broke a window. He is so defiant and won’t listen to reasoning. No matter what amount of punishment you give him, he will still be defiant and very stubborn and he will only try harder to get his way. Usually this means he will throw a fit and cry loudly for ever till you can’t take it anymore! He now has someone go to daycare with him for a few hours a day to help him with his ODD!

Lately I’ve been running into more and more people that understand what my son is going through. What I don’t understand is…. when will i see some sort of change? I have yet to see anything change in him. They do not give him meds, and ODD is the only thing they have diagnosed him with. I’m really kind of scared what it will be like when he starts school. ONE, he has no regard for personal safety and will run on roads without a second thought! I won’t know what to do when he starts school and goes to a bus stop!! OH this is so stressful

I know I’ve talked about his ODD in a past post but I’m still stressed!

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