Shh.. there’s a meeting in session here!

Posted on August 12, 2008


Hi my name’s @femaleprodigy, and I’m a twitterwhore!

Apparently I’ve started some sort of Social Networkers Anonymous group here. I’ve had 2 people already join and they have already given into the first step of a 12 step program. (I only know the first step myself, but I’m sure I’ll figure out the last 11 as time passes) They have admitted that they have a problem and are here to share it with the world. I wouldn’t want them to actually cure their twitterwhore like tendencies because then it would just be boring on twitter then what would I do? OH, that’s right, I would actually get some work done!

So the next part of my twitterwhore question is this… WHEN do you know you’ve reached twitterwhore *star* status? Is it by the amount of followers you have or even the ratio of followers/followees? Or is it the company that you have in these two groups?

So say I have 5000 people I follow and only about 500 follow me. I guess that would make me a twitterstalker or even a twitterspammer! What about if followed 500 and was also followed by 500, would that make me just your average twitterer? Now lets reverse the first one and say I’m following 500 but I have 5000 following me… I would consider that to be twitterwhore *star* status! How about you? Give me your ideas! As you can tell I’m bored and I’m trying to waste some time!

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