OMG, Michael Phelps is a SUPERSTAHHHHHHH

Posted on August 13, 2008


Before you read this please understand that I do enjoy the Olympics, I do like Michael Phelps, and I’m not doing this to be mean. I just hate the media coverage sometimes! Also, any statistics you find here by me may be wrong and I don’t pride myself on long hours of research for my blogs! I’ll just admit now that some things in this blog might be wrong the the meaning is still the same!

Unless you live under a rock or you are Amish or you have no means to get to a radio, TV or newspaper etc… then you will totally know what I’m talking about here!

Michael Phelps is of course the quintessential superstar of the Olympics and he is pretty much a one man show there in Beijing! So far he has been adorned with 11 gold medals through out his Olympic career (the most that any Olympic athlete has ever won in their career) 3 of which have been just recent. He is on the journey to win 8 in this Olympics alone which will beat the record of gold medals in any one single Olympics by ANYONE. So he is basically a (and Mary Catherine Gallagher said it best) SUPERSTAHHHH. no i won’t be smelling my armpits now like she does LOL!

I know that NBC has to report the news but does it always have to be so much about HIM? I mean there are many different sports in the Olympics and yet they keep going on and on about him or the loser gymnastics team that only borough home a silver last night! (just kidding they did great!)

Is anyone else as annoyed with this as much as I am? I mean they make it sound as though Michael Phelps could take on the Olympics single-handedly and win golds all across the board! I’m sure he would still look hot in the sparkly spandex suits for the synchronized swimming competition (yet he would be doing it solo) – Damn i wish i could use photoshop but I’m not that good and don’t have it on this computer! (might have to convince someone to make one for me all for the sake of my BLOG!)

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