A Guide To Evil Girls

Posted on August 21, 2008


Each and every one of us knows that there are some evil girls out there. Pure and simple! I wouldn’t be surprised if every female had a little evil in them, even the purest of females! So I’m going to post a Guide to evil girls!

Yes you may be asking yourself… “but why would she be writing some sort of self help guide, she don’t seem evil” but yeah I’ll let the secret out.. I’m evil inside but I keep it hidden very well!

This post is mainly going to revolve around the Evil EX! They are the worst kind of evil you can have and you really don’t want to have them anywhere near you.

The evil ex is the one that was perfect for you when you got together. She was loving and caring and did whatever it took to make you happy. Then little by little she did these things to turn the relationship around so that everything revolved around her. Soon you were taking her shopping and buying her things that you knew you couldn’t really afford, but as long as she was happy you were happy. Well as the time passes you realize that you are broke and can’t do it anymore so she gets mad and throws fits saying you don’t love her anymore and that she is upset with you. This keeps going on and all she can do is try to tear at the seams to see where the least resistance is so she can break free or get you to do even more for her. If she finds a free spot she runs and tells all her friends how you were mean and didn’t do a thing for her! Then her friends that use to be your friends turn on you. Soon everyone hates you because she told everyone you had an STD or something else and that you hurt her! But when she talks to you, she is sweet as pie and wants to still be friends.. (that’s an evil ploy to try and hurt you more). She does this to try and get you to a breaking point so she can hurt you and then rub dirt in your bloody wounds till they are infected and puss filled and NOTHING can save you!

You must make sure to cut all ties with these types of girls or they will make your life a living hell just to see you squirm because they have some sadistic side to them and it thrills them.

So, just remember if you start to see any of these qualities in your relationship RUN as fast as you can!

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