Birthday, Fair, TIRED!

Posted on August 24, 2008


Short post:

Yesterday was my son’s fifth birthday and also was the day we went to the Centre County Grange Fair. If you haven’t been there before, when you drive in the gates its like driving into a sea of campers, tents, and cars. Its CRAZY! This is only my second time there, the first being last year around this same time. We will be going back up on Tuesday to pick up my daughters so they can go to school on Wednesday. (The first day of school for them)

I picked up a birthday cake early yesterday which some of you got to see in my brighkite account with Wall-E on it. He picked it out! We took that to the camper with us and sand happy birthday to the birthday boy then went walking around the fair. I was pleasantly surprised when my mom called me earlier before we left and said she was going to come visit but I told her we were going to the fair.. she then decided to go along too! The kids were shocked to see her and were very happy! We walked around till about 10:45pm with a few rests back at the camper. My son got pretty lucky when he was playing some games but opted for the small prizes when he was asked what he wanted.

Now its 8:30 am and I’m still tired but was woken up by my son and the 2 dogs! I’ll blog more later but for now you get the gist!

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