A case of mistaken identity!

Posted on August 27, 2008


“After waiting an hour for rental car, we are well on our way”
“Who is this”

“Jackie. How come ur getting these and not xanga. Can u check my xanga pulse “
“Stop txting this number I DO NOT KNOW U
“Sorry. I was texting xanga
“You have the wrong number”
That is the scene that played out today for my sister-in-law. She is currently on her way to her daughters graduation from Boot Camp. Not sure exactly where but she left from Pittsburgh, PA and when I last spoke to her she was in West Virginia.

After all this conversation took place I got an actual text message to my phone asking me to check out her Xanga Pulse from the Internet and I see myself replying to her but whats strange is…. IT WASN’T ME! I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first but then after reading it over again I understood what was wrong. I then went to my profile settings and updated my mobile updates. Here when I signed up for it, I used my old number and never changed it when I changed numbers. Some poor person in Huntingdon County is getting text messages to me from all sorts of people. Not only are they from this single occurrence, my mother has also text this person too.

About a month ago I get this call from my mom saying “Why are you yelling at me on AIM?” WHAT? I’m not even logged on. Here since I wasn’t logged on there it was sending mobile updates to my phone.. or rather someone elses phone. It was yet again the other number before I changed it. My mother insisted on having me call this person and apologize. I said what for, I’m sure she/he will just yell at me for not correcting the problem sooner! So I left it alone.

I’m wondering now, how many text messages other people are getting from my friends because of that little error (which is now fixed)!

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