Jessica vs. Behavioral Health

Posted on August 29, 2008


I’m not a seasoned pro on behavioral health clinics. I have only been dealing with them since the beginning of summer, so this blog is only with my experience with them and is not to be taken as a critique on ALL Behavior Health professionals!

This story is going to sound a bit strange to a lot of you but please bear with me as I tell it. Its not a porno or a horror store like it might sound.

Last night as I was in the shower I was thinking about some stuff (as I do very often while in there because its peaceful and usually no kids are around to disturb me). I was thinking about the behavioral health team that is working with my son. I have mixed feelings about them as of right now. Yes they are good with my son in the sense that they aren’t too rough with him or too stern. On the other hand, I don’t see much progress.

When we started the whole TSS coming into the daycare/home setting, my paperwork said they would be using the 1-2-3 magic approach and would help teach other adults that interact with him this same approach. Well since I wasn’t being told anything or taught how to use this method I had to literally go out and buy a the book which you have already read about in earlier blogs. I’m reading it slowly so that I can thoroughly grasped the concept of 1-2-3 Magic since its being praised by this behavioral health team and its also being praised by others.

As I was thinking about that, I was also thinking about how stupid it was for me to have these medical bills when I’m not getting anything out of it. Maybe I should charge them for the price of the book I bought. The TSS is nice but all she ever does is sit there and tell my son to make sure he makes good choices. HEY, i could have told him that! She also is sometimes late and we can’t seem to get out schedules to coincide with each other which isn’t helpful in the home setting. They keep telling me that while he was in daycare the reason he was acting out was because it wasn’t a structured setting and that they think while he is in school, it will be better. I know its not something that is going to change over night. I understand that and accept that fact. What I don’t accept is the fact that they think everything is going to be STRUCTURED like they think it should be. Everyones life is not structured 100% of the time and for anyone that does have a life like that please let me know how you do it because I would LOVE to know!

As you can tell I’m a little more then upset over the fact that I think I’m wasting my time with this company. I think I may take him out and go with another facility! What do you think?