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Posted on September 11, 2008


I’m a big girl now, and so that means I need big girl toys!!

EDIT: Okay here are some of the things i want in a phone. long battery life is the most important to me. (so from what I’m hearing so far the iphone is out of the running) I txt so something that i can use easily (yes the qwerty keyboard would be ideal for this but not necessary, even though it would be nice). I don’t do email or Internet on my phone because i don’t want to run up a huge bill but maybe in the future i will. That means i can probably hold off on anything that has that feature till i need it. I like predictive text cuz i work faster on txting that way and i like it. I do like calendars for my busy schedule w/ my kids so that’s a plus but not necessary. I’m assuming I can put my micro SD card in all of them so that’s good. Oh and pictures, I take lots of pictures w/ my phone even though i have a digicam. The phone is just always with me so easy for me to use and just send the pictures to whomever I need to send them to. The last thing I’m looking for is something that is just far from the crap flip camera phone I have right now (Nokia 6126). I hate it! The only thing I like about it is that I can use my MP3’s as ring tones. NOT just a few seconds of the song but the entire thing!!! I do love that because now I don’t have to d/l and pay for ring tones! I can live without that feature on a new phone as long as its something that is going to be reliable for me! Yes I know there are 4 completely different phones there in that list. I don’t need the tilt but it looked pretty cool and I could grow into it but its not necessary… The Duo, like TXP said is kind of on the fragile side… The LG’s I like, they have IMO had consistently good products!

Oh for crying out loud I didn’t mean those kind of toys! I mean big girl toys as in electronics. Since I’m doing much better financially now then I’ve ever been in the past I’m treating myself to a new electronic toy. Yes I am upgrading my cell phone! Technically, I’m not up for a new phone through my plan but I can get the “No commitment” pricing (which is pretty high if you ask me but I’m splurging). So, how hard can it be to purchase a new phone? Pretty damn hard if you ask me. I’ve been asking peoples opinions for the past two days and get too many choices. Then I look online and get even more choices. Ebay, google shopping, AT&T, AHHHHHHH where do I begin? Well I did narrow it down to 4 phones. I’m letting it up to you to help me decide.

~Pantech Duo
LG Shine
AT&T Tilt
Let me know what you think of these phones and pick which one you would get! HELP ME!!!!!
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