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Posted on September 19, 2008


Twit, Tweet, Twitter…  (wow what a different kind of blog entry for Jess lol)

No I’m not going crazy and I didn’t bump my head.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you OBVIOUSLY have not been part of micro-blogging.  Many of my friends don’t understand the point of it, but to me it is addicting.  This morning I was talking to @markdavidson and was discussing what micro-blogging site was better, so in the next few posts I’m going to be writing about some of the main micro-blogging sites.  Basically testing them all and seeing which one is best (of course its only my opinion). 

Of course we are going to start off with Twitter.  This was the first micro-blogging site I was a part of.  Of course it has its moments where it crashes and stuff but all in all I like it.  Maybe I’m partial to it since its my original site, and I really don’t like the idea of collecting all new friends on another one.  In my opinion, to have a really good experience you need to download one of the applications for it like Tweetdeck.  With Tweetdeck you are able to see all your friends tweets, your @ replies, and any direct messages you get in one little box.  They are broken down into columns so you see them all at the same time!  I also like that I can use my cellphone to send and receive tweets.  I’m sure with a better phone than an Nokia 6126 you could really have a good time on twitter.  I hear Blackberry and iPhones are excellent to use with Twitter. 

Recently Twitter did some updates to the layout of its website.  I like it, but I think it has a lot to do before its been perfected.  2 major features that Twitter did have that its lacking now is the TRACK feature which tracked a particular word or phrase that you were able to choose.  For example if I wanted to see all the tweets that contained the word PHILADELPHIA in it, it would post every tweet with that word in it.  I have yet to use this feature because it has not been working since I’ve been on twitter.  Another feature is the Search which I’m hearing is also not working.  (hence the convo between me and @markdavidson).  Aside from those features, Twitter is a pretty simple thing to use.  Just type in what you are doing and send it! 

When I tried to explain what twitter was to my boyfriend I told him it was like a large chat room where I was able to follow whomever I wanted, and forget about all the rest of the chatter that was going on.  He then stated that who would want to hear conversations from people when they aren’t talking to you.  Well that’s the great thing about twitter.. when you see something in your timeline that looks interesting you can just jump in the conversation and away you go.  The possibilities are ENDLESS w/ micro blogging!  BUT just remember all of you people out there that are LONG WINDED… you must do all your speaking in 140 characters or less which is a problem for some people.   

My next blog entry will be about another micro-blogging site.  Not sure which one it will be but stay tuned for more!

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