just some RANDOM updates

Posted on September 27, 2008


Oh I just wanted to post some random updates to kind of tie up some loose ends from previous blog entries.

  1. The doctor did not find gallstones so that’s a good thing.   The bad thing is they don’t know exactly what it is.  She told me to take some Prevacid to see if it helps *heartburn?* Oh well, I’m taking it but don’t understand how heartburn and stuff can be in my side and back.  I have to call her and let her know that YES it took some pain away in the chest but still get the pain in the side/back every once in awhile. 
  2. Dustin is still being a big pain in the ASS.  His TSS was here the other day and it was like he was “showing off” for her.  All he needed to do was sit in timeout quietly for 5 minutes and he could come out.  He ended up sitting there for about an hour because he wanted to keep talking, hitting the walls, etc.  I have a big group meeting with the behavioral health team and the school just to get everyone up to speed on what he is doing and what we can do to help him.
  3. NOTE TO SELF: never watch debates again.  Within 30 minutes, I was asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up till 1am which made me miss @akamonty’s show from 10 till 12.  I swear I dreamed of the word FUNDAMENTAL all night long!
  4. NOTE TO OBAMA & MCCAIN: there is such a thing as OVER USING a word.  I believe you did that within the first 5 minutes of that debate!  Please read a dictionary, thesaurus, etc.  Learn some more vocabulary!
  5. I did not buy a new phone yet strictly because I figure I can deal with this one till Dec when my contract time ends and I qualify for a phone upgrade and because I’m a cheap ass and hate spending money on myself so its hard to just buy a phone! 
  6. I’m pretty much moved into my new home of WORDPRESS which is awesome.  I don’t use the blogger blog anymore.  I’m strictly HERE!  I like it.  Its nice! 

Well, for now that’s all the updates I have.  Have a great weekend.  I get to go to work for a few hours then get my nails done and then we are going out tonight!  WOO HOO!