What the hell is going on? (guest post)

Posted on September 30, 2008


The following is a post from my best friend.  You can read more of her stuff on her myspace blog.  These are in no way my words and I give full ownership to her!  She is very passionate about what she believes in and its with that that sort of passion that will help us as our world seems to be falling apart.  I’m so proud of her for having such a strong voice which is why I asked for her permission to re post her blog here for all of you to read.  If you like what you read please pass on a kind word to her. 

 Has anyone else noticed the insanity going on in this country?  I sit here everyday and read and watch the news and am just literally stunned.  John McCain and Sarah Palin are running the most ridiculous campaign, our president and his administration are running our country as though it’s a board game and they can make up the rules as they go along and our country is on the verge of financial collapse due to continual deregulation by republicans and when they had a real opportunity to control the damage they refused to vote for a bi-partisan bill because Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gave a speech that hurt their feelings. 

Are you kidding me?  Are our elected officials children or adults? Her speech hurt their feelings? What the hell is going on? Why is no one doing anything. Each day the language used to describe this economic problem get’s much more dire and everyone who knows anything about finances and the economy is saying “Do something NOW before it’s too late!” yet, Congress plays politics and does nothing else. 

And the real kicker here is they HAD to know this was going to happen. They had meetings LAST YEAR about this! OBAMA even warned about this. The dollar lost value, inflation has been rising.  Are they stupid or just blind? I mean, I don’t know anything about economics and I knew this was going to happen.  A few years ago, I was a mortgage broker for a time.  I knew the housing bubble was going to burst. I knew that we were lying and cheating people and so were the actual lenders, selling people larger loans then they could afford, inflating the value of their property, actually making up financial figures to get them bigger loans and tacking on extra fees to the back of the loans that the borrowers never even knew they were paying!  That’s why I left.  I could not rip off the people in my community.  And I KNEW that this would end badly.  It was the lending industry that started this whole thing off.  It’s banks that are failing.  One economist I saw on Rachel Maddow today said it was more accurate to call it a credit squeeze, but she also cautioned that if we didn’t do something soon we would fall into a deep recession or worse. What are they waiting for? Complete economic collapse?

I don’t even know where to begin on the presidential campaign. It’s just getting insane.  John McCain will do and say anything if he thinks it will help him, but he’s just sounding like an old crazy person who is all over the place and Palin is even worse!  I have never heard a more unintelligent woman speak who was running for a national office.  By tapping her for VP, McCain has proven that his judgement is definitely not where it should be.  His campaign appears to be run by someone with Bipolar Disorder. He announced that he was suspending his campaign, yet never did.  Then he announced that he would not participate in the debate until the bailout bill had been passed and so he flew to DC, muddled things up, no deal was settled and yet, despite what he had previously said, he DID attend the debate.  Then this morning he took credit for the bailout deal before the vote even took place and then it never even passed.  And besides all of this nonsense, John McCain is not on any of the committees responsible for this bill and yet somehow he thought he should be there and could help. 

I’ve already made my opinions very clear here on President Bush and his administration so I shan’t go into all that is wrong there, but seriously!  What the hell is going on?  It’s like someone spiked the government’s proverbial kool-aide.  They all seem to be on drugs!  Congress isn’t going to pass anything that’s going to protect us.  More then likely, they won’t pass anything at all. They’re off for the Jewish New Year the rest of the week and then it’s fucking recess! 

I’m seriously getting tired of this bullshit!!!  How goddamn blind can this country be!!!  We should all be marching in the streets in every town and city in every state of this country demanding that our government stop acting like children and start doing their jobs!  If I were to go to work day after day and not accomplish anything, I wouldn’t have a job.  These clowns are NOT doing anything that we elected them to do!

I’m seriously considering leaving the country for at least the next four years if McCain/Palin wins. I love this country, I do and I would DIE for the ideals and principles that this country is supposed to stand for, but as it stands today, NO WAY!  And if it turns out that this country actually is populated by blind and mindless sheep I will not stay.  There will be no revolution. There will be no uprising. No cries of injustice loud enough to produce results and I cannot fight alone.  I have tried!  I’ve protested, I’ve written letters, I’ve made phone calls, I’ve blogged and made videos, I’ve talked to nearly everyone I know and people on the street that I don’t know, I’ve donated money to different groups and parties and nothing, NOTHING seems to be doing any good.  So, why, WHY should I stay here and continue to fight for a people who refuse to fight for themselves? If you are going to live you’re lives with your heads buried in the sand and ignore the world crashing down around you, then you deserve EVERYTHING that happens to you. 

Life is more then TV and ipods.  It’s more then PTA meetings and happy hours. It’s even more than working and paying your mortgage.  Life is participatory and when you don’t engage, when you don’t participate; you lose.  You lose your power.  You lose your voice.  You become a sheep and you become a slave.  I will not submit to that.  And it saddens me to think that as a whole, this country is there and that there are not enough people who either see or give a damn to do anything about it!

So, if you don’t vote; FUCK YOU and don’t complain!!!  If you’re upset with the things our government are or aren’t doing and you don’t at least tell them about about it; FUCK YOU and don’t complain!!! If you won’t at least try to  help yourself, then you can’t be helped.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s not supposed to be like this.

This is OUR country.

We need to stand together.

We need to fight together.



with wishes of love, strength and good football,



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