Comparing school districts

Posted on October 16, 2008


I’ve lived in 2 different school districts in Pennsylvania that my children have attended.  Huntingdon Area School District in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania (my oldest daughter went there from Kindergarten till 2nd grade) and Juniata County School District in Juniata County Pennsylvania (my youngest is in Kindergarten, 2nd oldest in 1st grade and my oldest in 4th grade).  While my oldest was in Huntingdon, I didn’t have too many problems, but it seems like while in this school district we are having a few problems.  Not something to be very concerned about but things that could be road blocks to my children in the future. 

In Huntingdon children are bussed to the schools according to age.  The High School and Middle School students are taken to school first and are taken home first on the bus then the Elementary students are taken home.  This is the way it has always been and it keep the younger children from picking up bad habits at a young age from the older children.  In Juniataall students are bussed at the same time.  The bus stop we currently go to is not far from the elementary school my children attend.  We could easily walk but they don’t allow our students to walk due to the dangers it poses witha heavily traveled road near by.  We could drive but with the short distance and the gas prices it seems a bit silly to do that so I have my kids ride the bus.  I didn’t notice a big problem till I was able to walk my children to the bus stop each morning.  There are probably about 6 or 7 elementary school children and 5 or 6 middle/high school students that go to this bus stop. 

In the past few days I’ve seen 2 particular boys act like idiots while waiting for the bus.  Yesterday they decided to pick on one boy whom I believe is in elemetaryschool by splashing him with water from a water bottle.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it because all the kids were laughing and seemed to be having fun.  The weather wasn’t exactly cold so I wasn’t to concerned that anyone would get too sick from this small amount of water.  Today was a different story.  The two older boys come to the bus stop and start yelling at the younger boy whom they picked on yesterday.  The younger boy had a water bottle and a bottle of juice.  He was going to splash the older boys.  They yelled profanities and said they would “kick his ass” if he did it!  Well as he was being provoked he decided to do it.  The one kid took the bottle dumped it out and grabbed the kid and acted like he was going to throw him in the street.  After he let him down the young boy decided since he didn’t have water anymore he was going to take his juice andspit it at the older two.  This did not go very well as my son (yes the one withODD whom already has a problem controlling his own anger) wanted to go fight with the older kids close to the street. 

It had everything in my to try andkeep my potty mouth shut while these kids were doing this and my son was saying “MOM, I wanna go fight too!”  I had ahold of his arm so tight I’m sure there were red marks on him.  When the bus was finally starting to come, I was so frustrated that I yelled at everyone saying “Its people like you that make it difficult for my child to learn the difference between right and wrong!” andI walked home and proceeded to call the school.  I spoke with the secretary and she is going to pass along the information to the principal andwork with the high school/middle school to get this issue resolved.  The one problem here is that the one older boy is (and here is the soap opera part of all of it) the child of my boyfriends ex-wife’s boyfriend.. did you understand that?  Okay I’ll explain it again.. My boyfriendsex wife is now living with her current boyfriend and his son… His son is the one that is acting like the idiot along with his friend.  I use to take the issues up with my boyfriend and have him call the ex wife so they could deal with it.  This time I took it upon myself to call the school and leave them out of it.  I can no longer let his actions go unnoticed by the school and let him get off free of punishment. 

Hopefully things get resolved soon.  A better way to deal with this in my opinion is to bus them at different times like in other areas.  I have never in my life seen more disrespectful children.  They act like they own the bus stop and its very hard to explain to my young children that they shouldn’t act like that.  All they know is they are older and are cool so they figure they should act like them.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!