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Posted on October 23, 2008


Good afternoon kiddies!  WOW what a night.  I think my blog saw more action last night then a hooker at the good corner!  It got so much action that some haters decided to voice their opinions.  My life is now complete after being told that I am self-centered!  (not that you can tell but I’m laughing while typing this)

So how do I top that post, the simple “meme” post that everyone does.  You can’t tell me I’m the worst person out there and my meme has surpassed everyone elses.  Either way I didn’t think there would be a possible way to top it and was thinking “wow, I’m gonna have to stop blogging just so I can end on a high note” but I can’t do that.  So, I posted a tweet and asked “What should I write about?  send me questions and I will answer them!”  Some time passed and nobody was answering me until my queen in shining tweetery, @eeUS, asked me a question. 

   @femaleprodigy What one thing that you could do in your life that looking  back in 10 years would make you feel you have been successful?

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