Halloween Fun

Posted on October 25, 2008


Happy 6 days before Halloween everyone!  With Halloween comes lots of parties and costumes.  A night to be something completely different (or for some to show their true colors LOL). 

I went to KMart this afternoon to find a costume for a party we will be going to tonight.  I had a hard time picking between all of them.  Gothic princess, Beer Wench, Empress, Angel, French Maid… then I came across the pretty little thing you see above (sorry about the quality).  The Gothic Devil!  I’m going to try and pull this one off with a pair of high heel knee high patent leather boots instead of the oh so safe black heels.  Once I finish this post I will be going and painting my nails black and my lips bright red after of course a shower! 

The party we are going to is at a club and they are giving away over $500 in prizes for original, sexiest, scariest, etc.  Not sure if I will win but I’ll have fun.  My very sexy boyfriend will be with me tonight.  He will be my under lord pictured to the right (no not the sexy chic in red the black cloaked man).  I was going to get the costume to match his but one they didn’t have my size and two, I didn’t like it as much as the one I did pick.  I’m going to post this in a few moments but later I will update it with pictures of me in my costume so you can see it.  Well its time to take nail polish off and replace it with some black nails!

UPDATE: The following are a few pictures I took last night while at the club in my costume! 

Here is the almost full length picture (sorry of quality again but it was w/ my phone of course because cameras are not allowed in this club)





And here is the close up of my horns! 

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