Thank You

Posted on October 26, 2008


I know I always talk about twitter but its a really big part of my life.  Some call it silly to say that but when you talk to these people day in and day out they become your virtual family.  Each and every one contributing something whether its a smile, job info, or help with some other problem.  These people have kept me laughing even while in tears.  Its hard to tell what you will read when on there so its very random yet helpful in so many ways.

I believe twitter is even the reason that my blog blew up with views ever since 10/22/08.  On that date, I had the most visitors I could even imagine.  72 total.  I figured it to be a freak coincidence (I guess it didn’t hurt that it was my meme post that cause it since I revealed some pretty strange things about myself).  So another day passes and I have 40+ visitors, and 30+ the next, and so on and so on!  Since opening up my worpress blog I didn’t get too much traffic to my blog at most on a normal day 7 or 8… maybe even 10 on a good day.  Since 10/22/08 I haven’t had any less than 30 views a day and that feels pretty damn good, and I want to thank all my twitter friends for doing that! 

I don’t consider my blog to be some sort of life manual for others to use to live their lives, just simply a way to associate with someone when they feel they are THE ONLY ONE feeling the way they feel!  I’ve even loved all the comments from everyone.  99% of them are from my twitter friends 🙂 I even appreciate the comments that aren’t so nice because they make me laugh.


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