Writers Block

Posted on October 27, 2008


I promised myself that I would write on my blog on a pretty regular basis but have been finding it hard to come up with ideas.  Once I did the meme, then I asked someone for a question to blog about… I’m starting to realize that a personal blog is kind of hard to write on every day unless you have a lot of things going on and right now I don’t have those things happening.  Every day is the same.
Wake up, get kids dressed, take to bus stop, do housework, get kids from bus stop, make dinner, go to bed and do it all over again! 
Right now is one of those times where I’m going back to my old self and not asking for help.  There is something I want to do but don’t know the first place to look.  I want to work from home, I am enjoying being able to contribute at the school when the kids have activities going on, and taking them to the bus and picking them up.  I like having time to do the things I need to get done instead of being so tired every day that I don’t even want to make dinner.  I did have 2 really amazing people help me even without me asking for it.  @mmWine talked to a few people and got me links and some ideas of what I could do from home, and @lizstrauss also gave me a link to look at.  Thanks you two for at least helping me get turned in the right direction!

@YatPundit told me to write about coffee and where to get it.  He also said to write what I know so I told him I didn’t know about coffee since I don’t drink it!  LOL!  So you know what I’m writing about????  I’m writing about my writers block I have going on right now.  Wow, just think about it, if i were an actual writer I would be in some serious trouble! 

OH you know what?? I’m pissed off!!!  Wanna know why??  Because I uploaded pictures to Flickr and found out that I can only view the latest 200 because I don’t have a PRO account!  What a bunch of junk that is.  (I swear I have ADHD sometimes the way my mind wanders through different thoughts.. its so random!)   For having a bad case of writers block I’m sure writing a lot… 406 words so far!  I’m writing about NOTHING and yet I’m writing something! 

I wanted to share this picture with you.  I took it over the summer in the tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks near my house.  I call it “another brick out of the wall”!  All the graffiti was taken away over the summer too when they repainted the walls.  I haven’t been down their since so I’m not sure if the kids started writing again but I’m sure they did. 




This is one of the more interesting pieces of art in that tunnel.  Everything else was phone numbers claiming to be the number of the girl who will show them the “best time” or someone calling out another person saying they were a bitch or so.  I’m not sure why possessed me to take a picture of this symbol but I’ve photographed this twice since moving here, this being the best of the two pictures! 

Finally, here is a panoramic picture of the river just down from my house.  This is the Juniata River.  It cuts between two towns here.  On once side of the bridge that you see to the left is Mifflintown, PA and on the other side is Mifflin, PA (not to be confused with West Mifflin, PA which is near Pittsburgh).

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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