NaBloPoMo – Day 1

Posted on November 1, 2008


This afternoon I read about the National Blog Posting Month.  It was brought to my attention by a brightkite user from the Pittsburgh, PA area.  I didn’t know what it was but decided to do a google search for it.  (I love Google search it helps me out so much!)  I typed in NaBloPoMoand came up with the home page.  I read the introduction and decided it was a perfect way to motivate me to write more. 

My sister-in-law is part of NaNoWriMo and I sent her a text to see if she did this also.  She said she didn’t but would sign up for it.  I’m so excited to see all these people being proactive in their blogging.  It’s amazing how so many people post things they think aren’t important yet in some way, it could help one person or a few hundred even without them knowing it.  That’s what I describe my blog as.  Its not exactly a Life Manual but if I can help someone feel better or at least give someone a good laugh or smile then I’ve done my job. 

For my first post, I’m not going to make it very special, but I’m going to tell you about our evening!  I was out at a dinner party till just a little bit ago.  It was for my boyfriends employers 25th anniversary.  It wasn’t bad, but I stressed all day on what to wear.  I knew the ordeal was special so I knew dressing up was expected but when you live in a little country town its hard to tell how extravagant it will be.  Hell I probably could have gone to my senior prom in a jean mini skirt and still would have looked as though I belonged at the prom as long as I didn’t wear my usual attire.  So I decided on some nice black slacks and a maroon top with my hair down and some simple jewelry. 

When we arrived at the party I saw lots of women in the same sort of outfit so I felt fairly confident that I had done a good job.  Little did I know that the other half of the women that were already in the building were in like cocktail dresses or hell one was even in a maroon strapless gown with heels that were about 6 inches high.  She couldn’t even walk in them!  They were too big for her feet that the heels had about 1/2 inch where there was NOTHING! 

After we walked in the door we were seated (assigned).  We sat at a table full of people that David didn’t even really know.  Everyone else was seated with others from the same departments and shifts.  So we sat there talking to each other.  Then the waitress comes over and says “were you two the ones that ordered the vegetarianmeals?” HUH??? Now yes we did order the White Lasagna because the other meal was beef and chicken but it had crab meat on it.  David is allergic to crab meat, so he had to go with the other meal and I don’t eat seafood.  So David corrected her saying “NO, we are not vegetarians, but we couldn’t eat the other meal”. 

Lets just say this whole served meal was a bit over the top for a little country town in Pennsylvania.  This company really over did it with the meal, and even the decorations.  It looked like Martha Stewart had a hell of a fun time decorating the place in florals with Trees and all sorts of stuff.  I felt like I should have tipped my waitress $50 just for bringing me my food!

After the meal they opened up the fondue tables up.  One was Caramel and the other had chocolate and you were able to use it on top of apples, strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, rice crispy treats, pretzels and more.  That was probably the most I ate there.  I’m not one for Cesar Salads and Potato soup w/ scallops.  I bet the people at our table thought I was anorexic.  I’m sure on Monday when David goes back to work he will be asked about it. 

So after all the drawing and stuff were done, we were told that any of the floral arrangements were able to be taken home.  Like I said before it looked like Martha Stewart was in there decorating it up and I was like WHAT? you mean I can take these things?  So David picked up this really nice vase with flowers in it.  As we were getting ready to leave the one woman came up to us telling us that we were only able to take the arrangements and not the vase.  That was a bummer because they were beautiful.

So now I’m home and back in my comfy running pants and sweatshirt sitting here listening to coldplay in the background on SNL.  A much more comfortable setting for a little country girl like myself.

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