Blood is thicker than water?

Posted on November 3, 2008


I love my family, every person in it.  My mom, my dad, my brothers, and even my extended family.  Whats really crushing me is the fact that one very close relative is saying that I hate them and my brother!  I don’t hate anyone, I’m just disappointed in choices they made.  I can’t exactly stand on my soapbox and preach to them because I’ve been there.  The only difference is that I saw the problem and changed it. 

Getting drunk in a bar every evening and trying as hard as you can to find ways to beat down another person is not a life, Its a train wreck!  I lived with someone that insisted that being drunk by 3pm was a must every day, no matter if this meant hurting the ones you said you loved.  What is so appealing to going out to bars to pick up trashy girls each and every night?  The only thing its going to do is show others that you have no standards.  What is so wrong with living a life where you are home in the evenings having dinner at a table and talking about your day?  Nobody ever said you had to do this every night.  Hell take some YOU time and relax one night a week.  Loosen up and have fun! 

As much as I love my brothers, they do show qualities of people from my past that did me wrong.  Neither of them talk to me except when they need something.  I know I’ve borrowed money from my younger brother and haven’t paid it back and I know its been ages since I’ve called my older brother but the phone works both ways!  And because I’m still talking to my Sister-in-law I’ve become the outcast!  I’m sorry but I enjoy talking to her.  For once in your life you didn’t have some woman controlling you to the point where you couldn’t talk or see your family.  Someone that actually stood up and tried to help you fight the hardest battles you had to face about my niece. 

So go on and live your life the way you want to live it.  I’ll still be here when you fall, with open arms and an ear to listen because thats what family is all about. (I had a picture of the three of us-my 2 bothers and myself- but need to find it, maybe i’ll post it later!)

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