Race for the White House… ready, set, GO!

Posted on November 4, 2008


obama_lawn_signYay, it’s finally here… the day everyone has been waiting for.  I’m sure most of you are excited because it means you can cast your vote and make a difference for our country, but the reason I’m excited its here is because it means the end of the attack ad’s and the news coverage and all the crap.  Also, no more phone calls asking for my vote!!

This election season felt like it went on forever.  Wasn’t it like 3 yrs ago that Hilary Clinton dropped out of the race?  I’ve never felt this way in years past so its either that it really has been going on for way too long or I’m just getting older and politics and other things are becoming more important to me.  OH MY GOD, I’M GETTING OLD!  Sure, I care about the economy and health care and all that other stuff but it seems that it”s all my head will absorb anymore.  Four years ago I don’t think my brain took in this much info so I never noticed how long the election season lasted.  So is it lasing long or am I just starting to pay more attention to it? 

Okay I did my duty and voted and now all I want is to sit back and relax, but NO… I have the Today show shoving politics down my throat, I have CNN bothering me, Hell I even have Fox News throwing McCain and Obama at me!  I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM IT!  I even get little bits of election stuff while watching VH1 and MTV.  So for all of you sitting in front of your computers and televisions all day not blinking in fear of missing the red states and the blue states being determined GOD BLESS YOU!  I will not be joining you because I’ve gone into election/political overload and need a break!  I’ll just find out tomorrow what the results are!

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