Playing the Race Card – Yeah I said it!

Posted on November 6, 2008


NOTE TO ALL: this was actually written and posted yesterday but worpress wanted to be a pain in my butt and give me grief!

November 4th, 2008 is finally over and we can all go about our business.  I don’t normally write on my blog about political things because I would rather slit my wrist then talk about it.  The only reason I’m posting this is because I read something interesting on my sister-in-laws blog that made me pay more attention to the news then I was to begin with.

Basically what she talked about was how the media was going about introducing the new President Elect Obama.  Yes this is a historic moment in time, we have the first African American President getting ready to take office in January.  To me it means that racial barriers have been broken and thats a great thing.  Some of my relatives may not like the fact of a black president but times are changing and you either have to move with it or be left behind.  ANYWAY, each report today was either about what happened to elect a BLACK president or the reactions of the BLACK community.  I understand that this is a huge step for African Americans but the media is putting so much emphasis on that aspect that its sometimes a bit distracting. 

I know I’ll probably be hit with lots of hate mail because of this but why can’t it be simply his views that won him the election rather then wondering if it had to do with his race? 

Okay enough about elections, so who stayed up all night to wait for results?

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