presidential txts

Posted on November 6, 2008


After the election was over and the votes counted suddenly the sea of text messages came out.  On day one alone I was hit withprobably 6 and the day after was the same way.  I had to suddenly tell people to stop sending me obama texts because It was getting a bit crazy and I personally didn’t think they were appropriate. 

It was hard to tell some of my really good friends that without sounding like a bitch or to hurt their feelings, but I did a good job and they all understood.  The one response I did get happened like this
Me: “Oh these Obama text messages are going crazy, I really wish they would stop”
Her: “OHHH I’m sorry! 
Me: “It’s okay, you aren’t the only one sending them to me”
Her: “It’s not like I’m racist cause I’m not, I just forward them because I think they are funny!”

Okay so this is my question to all of you… Does it make you racist even a little bit if you forward off color jokes through text message to friends?  I haven’t come to a conclusion yet but I can’t see that a person that sends these kind of messages can really say they are not racist even if its just a TINY bit!

NOTE: I did not forward any of those messages to anyone and did not feel they were at all appropriate to give to anyone.  I did not laugh at any of them and pretty much deleted them as they came in.  I don’t think sending KKK jokes because we have a black president elect now is even remotely funny!

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