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Posted on November 8, 2008


Jackie posed a great question for all her readers here so I decided to turn my response into a blog.  One, I thought it was a good idea and two, I’m always looking for blog entry ideas!

What is a button that is pressed for you. What is something that is said, or happens, that immediately sets you off?

  • People that interrupt me while I’m talking.  My kids do it to me on a daily basis so I don’t need anyone else doing it to me!
  • People that don’t replace the toilet paper when its empty so that when you are in the restroom you have to yell for someone to get it from the cabinet since its too far away from the toilet.
  • Grandparents that think when children come home they have to bring home 20 bags of CRAP! Stuff that isn’t needed because they already have EVERYTHING they could ever imagine
  • A certain person that thinks just because when I was living with her son and we were BROKE constantly assumes that I’m still living that way now.  I don’t need your charity or for you to take care of my finances I can take care of myself!
  • A certain guy that thinks he could handle being a single dad when he wasn’t ever there when it was a 2 parent house!
  • When I send clothes w/ the kids to their one grandparents house but they come back folded exactly the same as when I put them in there because they were NEVER TOUCHED and the kids come home in NEW CLOTHES!
  • People that start to act really stupid when they finally have something really good!  Why would they risk losing everything just because they want to live the bachelor lifestyle

There are more but if I keep going I’ll do over 1000 words and then you would all stop reading!

What pushes your buttons?  What pushes you to the edge where you feel you are going to flip out and go crazy on someones ass?

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