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Posted on November 12, 2008


Apparently a new app has been unveiled to the people of twitter to yet again show you where you rank in the whole scheme of things.  Twitterank hit the scene with full force and soon my timeline looked like a pageant judging.  Numbers ranging from the 60’s up to 128 but what does it all mean?  According to the maker of Twitterank, its a complex algorithm that is very very secret that he/she is basically using as an experiment.  Its not based off your following or tweet count but off of something much more complex (whatever). 

So my score was 87.58 but out of what?  100?  They say in the FAQ’s that the higher the number the better unlike traditional rankings.  WAIT A MIN, hold the phone WHAT??  Don’t most rankings give you a number in which the higher it is the better it is per say?  For example, twitter grader, they base is off of a percentage with 100% being best and the lower being not as good.  So what do you mean when you say “UNLIKE” traditional rankings?  Yes you use some other calculation which is obvious by all the numbers and you say its better to have a higher number so what makes it so unique besides your very secret algorithm?

Anyway, so as this new app was rolled out people started crawling out of the “tweet”work screaming about the fact that you had to supply your password.  According to the FAQ’s (yet again) those passwords are not saved and its only used to help calculate your score.  What I don’t understand is why are people throwing such a fuss over it?  Yes if you feel unsafe about supplying your password to them, then DON’T USE IT or change your password as soon as you do it.  Don’t bitch about it, just get over it!  I understand you like your privacy and feel that they might use it to tap into all your accounts since many of us use the same username on several sites. 

In all, I’m not too impressed by the whole twitterank app.  Nobody knew how the ranks worked and it seemed as though it was just pulling a number out of a hat since there is no explination as to how it was done.  Maybe in the future the maker(s) will think about a better explination rather than a sketchy FAQ page that basically explains nothing.  I’m not going to hold my breath on that but I could be wrong and they will out do themselves and make some kick ass ranking tool

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