The Great Motrin War of 2008

Posted on November 17, 2008


FIRST, I must share the commercial that started this war!

For any of you following the #motrinmom’s on twitter you know the effects this commercial has had on these Mommy Bloggers!  All I can say is I’m getting a headache so its time to #takeamotrin!

Do they not understand that any publicity, good or bad, helps Motrin out!  They are getting the name out there and having millions of people check them out.  Like I’ve told a few people today… “Word of mouth is the best possible advertisement there is, and no matter if you are slamming them or praising them, you are still promoting them”!  So to all you #motrinmom’s, you should have just kept your mouth shut, stopped buying Motrin, and promoted some other pain reliever that was more MOMMY FRIENDLY.  All you managed to do was blow twitter up with Motrin and have every person imaginable youtube search for the video!  Do you really think that slamming them and their commercial is going to stop millions of consumers from buying their product?  Most pediatricians I know actually praise Motrin and suggest using Motrin and Tylenol together to help break an almost impossible child fever!  So till you give me more evidence then “THEY UPSET ME, JUST BECAUSE!”  I’ll still buy Motrin!   

Here ya go, take two of these for all your mommy aches and pains and call me in the morning! 

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