The Common Holiday Cold!

Posted on December 8, 2008


AH-CHOO!  Yes it’s December and everyone knows that with the colder air comes colds, flu, and sometimes much worse.  Depression is also something that comes along this time of year.  With Christmas right around the corner and the economy struggling some of you might start feeling the “blues”!  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

Each year around this time I start running through my head what I’m going to do for Christmas when all my money is going towards bills and groceries.  I stress myself out so bad that I start feeling SICK!  I’m not just talking run down sick, I’m talking about full out sick… Fever, headache, body ache, stomach pain, stuffy head,… Oh you name it, I feel it!  I started to think maybe I has something wrong with me that required some major medical attention.  What I found out was far from fatal.

What I had was a psychosomatic illness.  Yes the aches and pains were real, but the doctor found no physical reason for the pain.  I kind of felt like a hypochondriac!  I was making myself feel sick from all the stress when in fact I wasn’t really physically sick at all.  So my medicine was to “de-stress”, easy right?  NOPE!

First you have to realize WHEN you are under stress, there are a few of them online if you google “Stress Test”.  Another way I found on was to take your hands and place them around your neck.  If they are considerably colder than your neck you are stressed.  (not sure how much I trust this one since my hands were frozen yesterday).  After of course you learn how to sense the stress you have to find a way to cope.  That’s kind of like telling someone to “DEAL WITH IT”!  Well okay, I’ll deal with it but I’m not so sure I’ll do a good job!  My doctor told me to stop holding in all my mixed emotions.  Okay well if I let those emotions out, I was gonna really piss some people off so what was I to do?… Well, you are reading it.. my way of coping with stress.

My blog has greatly reduced my stress level because I’m able to come here and start ranting when I need to.  Its the greatest outlet for me to LET IT ALL OUT!  I even get feedback from people and sometimes a bit of hatemail that makes me laugh which is always good for de-stressing!  So if you feel the holiday blues and start to feel physically SICK, don’t worry its okay.  You just need to DE-STRESS!

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