Cheesy Reality TV

Posted on December 9, 2008


I’ve officially dubbed VH1 as the home to the cheesiest reality TV shows around (HANDS DOWN)!  In the next few post here I’ll be reviewing a few with some clips and pictures.  Today I’ll be taking a look at Scream Queens

Last night was the final show of Scream Queens where 10 contestants were fighting for a role in the upcoming movie: SAW VI.  7 down and only 3 left!  The first challenge of the episode was to do the “SCREAM QUEEN GAUNTLET”.  A test of all the skills they learned from day one all wrapped into one great cheesy scene.  As soon as the three remaining contestants (Michelle, Lindsay & Tanedra) finished with their scene one of them would be eliminated and sent packing and the remaining two would move on to meet with Lionsgate

Unfortunately the former child star, Lindsay, was eliminated.  I’m a bit surprised because Michelle does really seem a bit over the edge when she does her scenes making seem very fake feeling to me but hey, I’m not a director, producer, or actress so what do I know?

The final test was for the girls to perform a similar scene as was in SAW III where the nurse is in the room with Jigsaw with that crazy contraption around her neck and she basically saves Jigsaw from dying.  Of course they didn’t have Jigsaw there to act with they had to improvise and use a speaker where someone was speaking the lines to them.  A bit disappointing but yet again.. WHO AM I?

Tanedra in the tub

Tanedra in the tub

In the end the judges decided to go with the one contestant that had NO training in acting and is a waitress in Inglewood, CA Tanedra!  DAMN, I really need to keep on top of reality TV openings on VH1, so maybe I can go from stay at home mom, to MOVIE STAR!

These girls did everything from get naked in a tub in episode 1 to making out with fruit in another episode.  They even jumped out buildings.  You name it, they probably did it and to prove it to you I’m going to leave you with a great video of 7 of the contestants making a fake trailer for a movie called “Reform School Zombie Squad”! Hope you enjoy it!


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