Rock of Love: Bitch School

Posted on December 10, 2008


Hot women, sexy school girl uniforms, girl on girl cat fights, and Sharon Osbourne as the head mistress… What more could any horny male ask for?

Today we take a look at the charming and sophisticated ladies of VH1’s Rock of Love: Charm School.  These girls couldn’t charm the pants off of Satan Himself!

After a few episodes we are now left with 3 lovely contestants trying to charm SharonOsbourne into giving them $10,000.  The latest episode ended with Heather, a real badass bitch who likes to smoke pot every day and drink, being expelled.  But Sharon gave Heather a special gift… REHAB! (cue Amy Whinehouse music) Well Heather didn’t say NO, NO, NO she actually thanked Sharon for the gesture and in her exit interview started tweeking out rambling incoherently because she was detoxing!

A lot of people on the VH1 site have been speculating on the fact that Lacey is still in the house. Lacey is badass and is just GOOD TV (well as good as it can get on cheesy reality TV).  She started off as this hard bitch who would do anything to get her way and in the recent episodes she’s realized that all her friends are now gone so she has to suck up to everyone left.  A few more episodes and we will finally know who will win the money since we all know they didn’t win the heart or Bret Micheal’s… that should make up for their heartache! 

So I leave you with a fan video from youtube with some pictures of the girls! 

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