Photography Thursday (Friday)

Posted on December 12, 2008


After hours of trying to get my camera to upload all the pictures from yesterday I finally found a way to cheat my computer.  I keep getting a “USB device not detected” and something about it malfunctioning.  After trying everything I decided to see if anything else I hooked up to the USB port would act the same way.  I found my boyfriends MP3 player and hooked it up.  It worked perfectly well… then my eye looked down to the opening on the back that said “Memory Card”.  It was worth a shot and in a few seconds a folder opened with all my pictures.  So I’ve cheated the PC and was able to get my pictures up on a blog a day late. 




as you can tell I was using macro yesterday because I’m trying new things with my camera.  These were slightly edited but I’ll have the rest of them up on my flickr later today so you can see them all!

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