There is a 5% chance I will write this blog!

Posted on December 19, 2008


I guess my prediction was a little off. 

Yesterday I was at the elementary school volunteering my time to the children… to over 220 children, one class at a time!  Each year they have a little Christmas Shop where they can spend Box Tops 4 Education to get some little items.  On Wednesday evening I went to the Dollar Tree to get the small items (all of which of course only cost a dollar).  Then on Thursday I took them to the school and set them up.  The items ranges in price – 15, 10, 2, 1 box top a piece.  I helped do this last year too but it was all new to me then.  Last year the children were like savages!  But this year we took some steps to help us out so that we were not so crazed.  We limited the amount of boxtops each child was allowed to spend, and only had a few children at a time come to the tables to shop.  It helped my sanity a little bit.  Each class had about 15 to 20 min to shop and I had one little break around lunch time for about 15 min.  (wow those school systems are brutal.. I didn’t even get a real lunch break) 

While I was at the school, I was speaking to the other mother volunteer about the weather.  We knew they were talking about some Ice/Snow/Sleet/Freezing rain in the forcast but were not sure of how much or when it would start.  And that got me thinking about how many times the weather does NOT do what the Weatherman says.  I know that weather is a science and science is very unpredictable but this was that I thought of next… “I would really love a job where I could be wrong 35% of the time” (hence the reason for the blog title!)

What other jobs are there where, at times, the more you are wrong the better people like you.  Say I call for a 95% chance of fire to fall from the sky and it don’t happen?  Well people would LOVE ME for being wrong!  Can you think of any other jobs where this rings true?  I could really go for a job like that because then I wouldn’t have a boss breathing down my neck for being wrong.  I hate it when I get yelled at for doing something wrong.  What do you guys think?

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