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Posted on January 7, 2009


* Fill in your Bio
*Add a Picture

Who cares about all that junk?  When you are new to twitter of course you are going to know to do that stuff!  It might take you awhile to do it, but still, it will get done eventually.  Here are the REAL things you need to do on twitter when you are a newbie.

Please keep in mind these rules will not make you He-Man or Wonderwoman or even the master of the universe.  It will however ensure that you have good time there while meeting some really great people.

  1. Come up with a name that people are going to remember(yes I stole this one from @lilpecan’s blog but it is so very important).  Its vital to your existence on twitter to have a name that people will not only remember but that is easy to type.  Some of my best friends on twitter have names that you just couldn’t ever forget.  For example, @JuliaGoolia.  I don’t know if her real name is Julia or not but if you have seen the Adam Sandler movie The Wedding Singer, then you will remember this name.  Another name easy to remember is @DoubleAgentGirl, an easy and clever name.  When you make the name don’t make it so hard to remember with all the $_*&’s in it.  If you want or need to use symbols keep it simple and only use one.  Not everyone speaks l337!
  2. Add followers that talk to their followers. You don’t want to have a bunch of people that you follow that only post links and news stories.  Yes its okay to have your favorite news station or celebrity as a friend but what fun is a bunch of people that don’t talk or engage in conversation with you?  Go to a persons page and if you see that they use the @ symbol in their posts then you atleast know they talk to others and TRY to have conversations with others. (Whether that conversation is one-sided or not is another story).
  3. Follow people that share a common interest. If you are into RC cars then do a search on Twitter search for RC Cars or whatever it is you are interested in.  There are other twitter search engines but this is one of the easiest.  You wouldn’t want to follow someone who worships Satan when you are a devoted Christian.  This would just be plain silly!
  4. Speak your mind, don’t try to be something you aren’t. If you are a certain way and find that some of the people that follow you are starting to UNFOLLOW you, don’t adjust yourself to suit them.  Why should you act like something you are not?  I talk about anything that is on my mind and in the process, yes I swear.  Some don’t like it and others could care less but I’m not going to change for the few that have a problem with it.  Being yourself is a good way of weeding out the people that are not a good fit for you. 
  5. Partake in conversations. Don’t just sit there and talk to yourself, you have to get out there and talk.  If you don’t open your mouth first nobody will ever talk to you.  Find someone in your timeline talking about something and chime in.  Give your two cents on the subject.  In most cases you will get some replies either agreeing with you or telling you that you are a dumb ass but either way, you got people to talk. 
  6. After you mastered replying to others try typing some off the wall stuff in your updates. I started off on twitter pretty much saying “good morning” “good evening” “I’m at work” “I’m at home”… BORINGGGGGG!  I then decided to start typing more, like what I was watching, or song lyrics, or silly stuff like “I just saw a Pink Elephant fly by” or “BATHROOM TWEET” do you know how powerful these silly tweets were?  After that people were like “OMG @femaleprodigy you are crazy” and it all went uphill from there.   
  7. Don’t flood your followers timelines with links. If you do this you will be pegged as a spammer.  You do not what to do this.. this is twitter suicide!!

After you have mastered these few steps you should be golden.  Just keep at it and don’t give up like I almost did.  If you talk to one person on there and they seem to be pretty active get some advice on who you should follow on twitter from them.  If they are as cool as they seem they will be more than happy to let you into their little circle of twitter friends!

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