Don’t this just drive you BUGGY?

Posted on January 9, 2009


Yesterday some of you from twitter heard me mention something about a particular BUG that likes to infest children’s hair… LICE!!
I figured after having to help someone decontaminate their granddaughter, I would talk a little about it. 

If you have a kid in daycare, elementary school, or anywhere else that kids play closely you probably have had to deal with lice or have heard of cases in the school of children with lice.  I’ve only had 2 cases of head lice actually infect my children and in one instance I was infected with them too.  According to experts, between 6-12 million American kids get head lice each year, so if you haven’t had to deal with it, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

The thing about lice is… they are BLOODSUCKERS!  They feed once every hour and a half by sucking the blood from the host’s body! Little vampires that don’t kill or turn you into one of them.  The good thing is lice don’t cause disease they just are annoying. 

When kids play together and one person with lice touches the hair of one that does not in only a split second you are able to get the lice from one child to another.  Its estimated that lice can crawl (no they don’t jump or fly or hop) 9 inches/min (Fast little buggers they are) so even walking past a person with lice and their hair just brushing against yours CAN give you lice! Guess I’ll have to steer clear of people in elevators and other small places!

Getting rid of lice is the worst part.  The most important part is to get rid of all live lice and nits.  This is the most time consuming part of the whole ordeal.  You get to pick through your childs hair with a fine toothed comb picking out each and every egg and live lice.  Then after you finally have done that, you get to wash everything your child has come in contact with in the two days prior to finding the live lice. 

One good thing for all you mothers with only boys.. GIRLS are more likely to get head lice than boys! YAY!  Since girls usually have longer hair that may come in contact with a lice infested hair, they are easy targets.  Also our daughters love to play dress up and hairdresser which is another way to spread the love of lice around. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my crazy outlook on HEAD LICE!  (You can stop itching your head now.  I’m actually itching my head as I’m typing this!)

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