(I always feel like) Somebody’s watchin me

Posted on January 12, 2009


Have you ever felt like someone is watching you and checking out everything you do?  Like a private investigatorr was hired to watch your every single move?  Like you have a stalker waiting in the shadows, waiting for you to move?

I DO!  Yet its through the net.  I know a lot of people virtually, but not in real life and most of those people know the sites I go to and frequently use.  Hell most of the time I have them all linked together so that updates I send to one, go to all of them.  Its not hard to find me online if you are really looking.  The kind of watching I mean is when they know everything about you, and are involved in your life 24/7 without a break and you feel like one day you are just going to flip out and scream “LEAVE ME ALONE” to their face!  Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way but I don’t think I am.  I’m sure there has to be atleast one person out there that feels this way.

Yes, I know I give a lot away in my blog but I’m not talking about someone that just reads my blog and then goes away, I’m talking about a person that goes to your facebook, myspace, blip, blog, last.fm, twitter, friendfeed, flickr, yahoo, msn, aim, and the list continues!  I don’t have one day where this person is NOT in it… I can’t sit and relax and watch a television show without this person being in it.  I’m constantly being haunted by this person!  Some days I just want to lock the doors, close the shades, turn off the lights and hide in a corner.  This ain’t HEALTHY!!  Not only on my behalf but their behalf too..

Note to Stalker:  Its not healthy to be involved in every aspect of someones life no matter how much you want to be.

Maybe they have cameras set up across the street waiting for me to move and snap shots of me.  I feel like I have the paparazzi after me!

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