Not the sharpest tool in the tool box!

Posted on January 15, 2009


“[name], I’m sorry, you’re just a tool.”
Hows that for a closing line?

I’m back with the “Cheesy” VH1 reality shows!  Today its all about The Tool Academy. Nine unsuspecting guys were taken off thinking they were going to a party house but little did they know, their girlfriends were on the other side of the door.

These dudes are complete Douche Bags!  This doesn’t really speak well for the females that claim to be dating these guys.  Didn’t they realize what they were before they started claiming to be their GIRLFRIEND?  I’m sure all nine of these females picked up these guys from a bar.  They drink, put females down, and you are sure to find SEX at the top of their TO DO list.

Their first mission was on COMMUNICATION.  (I didn’t really get to, or want to watch the entire show so this next part might be a little off).  None of these guys knows how to communicate and just flip out instead.  The challenge looked to be (as a couple) to put some sort of furniture together.  I saw one dude just sitting there drinking beer barking orders at his girlfriend.  Another guy drank beer, complained, bitched at his girlfriend, and then got so angry he threw the recliner they had readily available for the couple.  I would have pegged this dude as the BIGGEST TOOL of them all but they had mercy on him and expelled another guy who didn’t know how to express his feelings.

In the end, the biggest tool leaves the building where all the girls are waiting to see who is expelled.  They girls then have the choice to either STAY or LEAVE.  This girl, decided to stay because he knew all the right things to say to her.  I’m sure he said it all just to save face on TV because he was of course the 1st and BIGGEST TOOL of them all!  How would you feel being the first person kicked off a show about TOOLS?  LOL

Next time we will talk about the ROCK OF LOVE BUS!

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