Level 26: Dark Origins

Posted on August 16, 2009


Ok, its been FOREVER since I have actually taken the time to post something on here other then the last post which was me asking for help!

The reason for todays post is to tell you about a fantastic book.  Technically it is not out yet but I have read it already.  “HOW?” you might be asking yourself.. well I got impatient and bought an uncorrected advanced manuscript off of ebay.  Don’t worry about it, I don’t think there are many left on there now, but it’s coming out VERY soon.  Sept. 8th to be exact.  What you need to do is go to Amazon and preorder it.

Not only is this a book… its a DIGI-NOVEL!

HUH? Digi-novel? whats that?

Okay basically its bringing the READING and the web together.  No more lame reading and waiting for the movie to come out months later.  Now you can read then watch a 3 to 4 min long video that brings what you read to LIFE!  Then you can go to the official website http://www.level26.com and interact with others that are reading it.  Sign up now because there are great pre-release info and even contest to win other things.

So who came up with this great way of reading/web/interaction????

Anthony Zuiker!!!!  The creator of the CSI series on TV!!  How cool is that? And YES, he is also on the site interacting with the people that join!

ALSO, if you pre-order your book now, you can get a free signed book if you are one of the first 500 to order! Check out the poster below for more details!

LV26 preorder poster

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