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Posted on March 29, 2010


This post is going to be all over the place, so please try and stick with me here.

First, have you ever walked into a place or had some smell come to you that just instantly reminded you of something? That happened to me today. This morning I walked my children to the bus stop and one of the mothers that lives in the old schoolhouse they turned into apartments asked if I had my phone on me. She needed to reload her “Trac-phone” minutes and doesn’t have a house phone. So I told her, after the kids get on the bus I’ll grab my phone and be over.

I’ve only been in that building once, before this morning. So I walked in the door and was first confused by which door to take, but quickly figured it out. So I’m walking down the hallway of the first floor to the stairs and as soon as I got to the end of the hallway I got the most distinct smell. It’s hard to explain but as soon as I smelled it, it instantly reminded me of my grandmother whom passed away a few years ago. The funny part was, as I walked up the stairs and got to the second floor, I smelled it again. Is this a smell that all older individuals have in their homes or is it something in old buildings? As I’m walking down the hall of the second floor all I could think about was my deaf grandmother speaking to my mother in sign language and me watching them so intently. It was one of the most vivid memories I’ve had in such a long time.

So sticking with our senses, lets move to sight and sound! This past weekend was the Ultra Music Festival. I had never heard of it before this past weekend (hell I haven’t heard about a lot of these festivals and conferences until I joined twitter and met all these wonderful people) and let me tell you, that looked like the BEST time ever!  So much so that this blog is going to be documented by date and in one year we will return to see if my next statement comes true.

I will attend the 2011 Ultra Music Festival

did you get that one?  YES, I’m saying right now that it will happen.  I already know when I should get a ticket to get the best price and a friend that has said he will give me more suggestions to make it possible, which brings me to my next topic… okay its not really a sense but it is an emotion of sorts… FRIENDSHIP!

Yes I have friends outside the internet and they are wonderful and I love them dearly, but I have made some really amazing friends and acquaintances through the internet and one that I want to talk about in particular… Adam Jackson!

I know you are saying “But Jess, you don’t even know this person!”  True I don’t know him, but I’ve had some of the greatest conversations with him.  He also inspired me to get out there and do more.  This man is 23 years old and has done more in his lifetime then I have done in my whole 32 years of life.  He is very inspiring (he may not think that, but I do)!  All the pictures you see in this post were taken by him and he gave me the permission to use them here. You should check out the rest of his amazing photos on flickr.  So I just wanted to tell him Thank You for all the great conversations and even introducing me to new things like UMF and The Burning Man Project.. There have been so many different things that he has suggested to me that it would take a while to list them all.

FINALLY, I want to talk about Script Frenzy!  I’m thinking about “TRYING” it out.  I can’t promise anything, but I can at least try to do it.  I might work with someone on the project so we will see.  I just need to keep myself motivated to keep going, and since Spring is here, I think I’ll have a better chance of it.  Winter always seems to bring me down where I have no motivation to do anything!  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes starting on April 1, 2010!

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