Femaleprodigy vs. Femaleprodigy

Posted on March 31, 2010


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I am NOT the person who owns FEMALEPRODIGY on tumblr

I am now!!!! (updated 6/23/10)

Sure, I’ve used the screen name FemaleProdigy on pretty much EVERY social networking site for the last 10 years (aside from youtube which really frustrates me and I really don’t want to talk about the girl that has that name and hasn’t logged in for years and hasn’t uploaded a video EVER *sob*, so I had to add a number after the FemaleProdigy bit) but it seems that now that I have the name, I’m finding more and more people using it.  So this confuses some people when they find it via google search.  The only way I found out about it was when I got my weekly email from Google Alerts telling me everywhere my name was used.  It popped up there and I was like “WAIT, I didn’t write that” and then was really like “woah, must tell people this is NOT me” after seeing the picture of a girl with no pants on, on top of a guy and the references to “smoking a blunt”.  It seems this “femaleprodigy” is into recreational drugs, which yes I did before but now that I am 32 with three kids, NOT SO MUCH…

So if you happen to run across this blog or anything about her and wonder to yourself… NO its not me (I’ve been asked by several people about it now)  BUT, she does have some interesting stuff (including her music player that always plays some awesome old school rap) so you should check her out!

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