Let’s make it fair for the men…

Posted on April 1, 2010


Yesterday, on another blog I share with my friend Chrissa, we posted about Geeky Men in which I posted pretty much every male to grace us with his presence on the web series Longelygirl15.  Well, I felt bad because I didn’t leave the guys with any eye candy.  So I give you…. The Female Hotties of LG15!  (now this is going to be a long list, but just stick with me here)

Beware, the following are “underage”… you’ve been warned!

Well, there you have the MAIN actresses of LG15.  You can find even more that had cameo parts in the shows by going to THIS page!

I hope the men appreciate all the time it took to transfer all these beautiful faces to this blog so they could get their daily dose of LG15 Eye Candy!

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