Sugar and spice and grease and tools…

Posted on April 19, 2010


Yep, that’s what little girls are made of!

Over the weekend my washing machine stopped working. I started with a load of colors. I took them down stairs to the dryer (i’ll explain that one in a min) and noticed a wet spot on the floor but nothing was dripping from above so I wasn’t too worried. I then started a load of darks, which happen to STILL be in the washing machine as I type this. Once I started it, I went downstairs because I forgot to turn off a light. When I went down, it was like the skies had opened up and was dumping rain IN MY BASEMENT! I ran up the stairs, and quickly turned off the washing machine.

(as for the dryer in the basement but washer upstairs – the washing machine was already in the house when the house was bought.  We installed the dryer downstairs because that is the only place we could put it.  When we have the money we will move the washing machine down there too)

Now my washing machine isn’t exactly “new”.. I would use the term ancient instead! Of course I didn’t have the users manual for this Maytag A112 washing machine. I had to try and find it online.


Every site you go to insists you have to join the site and pay a small fee to download their owners manuals. So I went about it a different way. Off to google with the search “Maytag washing machine leaking upper left corner” THIS gave me some results but still not enough. I then decided I was gonna have to get down and dirty and take this thing apart myself to see what the problem was. Yet again, easier said than done. I had to figure out how to get this thing apart.

I finally found a diagram (free) showing me how to take this thing apart. Unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the font panel, pull the bottom out till the tension clips come free. Then lift the top up like the hood of a car and BAM you are in. I still didn’t see any sort of holes in the intake hose. I then told Dave, “hey we may need to turn the water on just so we can see where its coming from!” HA HA HA.. I turned the water on and WOOOOSH water started spraying! I quickly turned off the water while laughing my ass off.

This morning, I called a place for a new part but they don’t have it. They are going to have it ordered and try to have it in tomorrow. Then the task of getting it all back together! Wish me luck!

SO, a question to all of you… if you are male, do like a woman that can fix those small household appliance problems or do you think they are more suited for the housework? If you are female, are you able to do the small fixes or do you rely on the man of the house? Just something to get us talking on a Monday morning!

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